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Here at the F.I.E. Gym we have decades of research in effortless exercising methods, where present times are merged with future trends. Athletic bodies do not belong only to the sports champions anymore. It has become necessary for all who need to get ahead in a competitive world, to be fit, strong and healthy. At Fitness Is Easy, we have a plan for everyone’s situation from Group Classes in fitness and martial arts, to Personal Lessons. Start a FREE Class today. Read more!

Our Trainers Know Their Stuff

Our trainers at the FIE Gym are all certified instructors, experienced in understanding each individual situation and approach you with flexibility, motivation and reachable goals. Whether a beginner, young, over middle-age, or over weight, we work out a plan and work progressively along side of you to become a strong person who can hop and skip along with the rapidly changing times on the heels of the future. Read more!

FREE Kickboxing Boot Camp

TODAY FOR FREE! Find out what everyone is talking about. The first time ever in Orange County, a non-impact Cardio Kickboxing Boot-Camp. Our workouts are fun and high-intensity. Itis a positive, motivating environment that will help you reach your goals. Don’t feel self-conscious, and worry that someone is checking you out, like you might at a big gym. Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll help you get there. Read More!

Fitness Consultant

Do you run a gym? Do you want bigger success in your gym? We co-operate with other gym’s in the fitness industry. We’ll visit your gym and make assessments to discover where practical changes or additions will boom your business. An experienced fitness and martial arts consultant will present you with stunning concepts on marketing, sales, fitness, and martial arts classes. Read More!


Martial Arts

Beto fight

We provide all types of Martial Arts classes, Boxing, MMA, and Cardio Kickboxing and much more.

Personal Training

Beto PT
Our trainers are certified with NESTA. We provide lessons in fitness and Martial Arts.

Group Classes

FIE Group2Our group classes range from Kickboxing to Boot Camps. A fun way to stay in shape with friends.

Fitness Consultant

FIE Consultant
Let us assess your facility and make sure that it runs properly.

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By Savi Ranch in Yorba Linda
8095 E. Crystal Dr. Anaheim, CA. 92807
tel: (714) 696-9470
email: info@fitnessiseasy.com

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